3 Canadian Thumbs – Episode 10 – Pokemon Liver and Onion

Featuring Jaymie, Rida and Pierre. The Oscars, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Devil May Cry 5! Even with a little side of Taiwanese politics, oh my! 3 Canadian Thumbs is a gateway of casual discussions on gaming and entertainment. 3CT Discord: tinyurl.com/3ctdiscord Official Site: jaymietoodee.com

Our conversations in this episode:
Video gaming, Pokemon cyber sleuth, umbrella academy, Oscars, into the Spider-verse, Stan lee, black panther, the green room, the green book, won’t you be my neighbor, period end of sentence, the pad project, larry charles’ dangerous world of comedy, vrchat, Travis strikes again, Nier, Kingdom hearts 3, Lion King, Shinji Mikami, Radical Heights, Astral Chains, Babylon’s Fall, The Completionist, The Silver Case, The 25th ward The Silver Case, Killer Seven, Killer is Dead, Detention, Bioshock, Devotion, Taiwanese politics, Yume Nikki Dream Diary, Tidying up featuring Marie Kondo, Vrchat, Twitch, Anthem, Sim City, Apex Legends, Tetris 99, oculus, vive, kinect, Reggie Fils-aimé, Pokemon Sword and shield, Link’s awakening, Yakuza 6, Yakuza 0, Devil May Cry 5, Captain Marvel, Mother 3, Deltarune, Sekiro: Shadows die twice