3 Canadian Thumbs – Episode 13 – Garfield gets Frosted Tips

Featuring Jaymie, Rida and Pierre. Risk of Rain 2, Hypnospace Outlaw and Avengers Endgame! 3 Canadian Thumbs is a gateway of casual discussions on gaming and entertainment. 3CT Discord: tinyurl.com/3ctdiscord Official Site: jaymietoodee.com

Our conversations in this episode:
Video gaming, resident evil 2, risk of rain 2, seikiro shadows die twice, speedruns, final fantasy ix, film critic hulk, nakey jakey, red dead redemption 2, god of war movie, yiik, photorealism, skull and bones, mortal kombat 11, unions, the writer will do something, earthbound, Chrono Trigger, travis strikes again, Dragon Quest viii, Hypnospace outlaw, Ramy, making whoopee, thank your lucky stars, the jazz singer, citizen kane, sunset limited, cobra kai season 2, daredevil season 3, I think you should leave with Tim Robinson, Garfield, Sonic live action, avengers endgame, battle angel Alita, hellboy, Assassins creed odyssey, mother 3

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