3 Canadian Thumbs – Episode 12 – Doctor Octopus’ Second Butt

Featuring Jaymie, Rida and Pierre. Sekiro versus Yoshi? Erotic visual novels and Risk of Rain 2! 3 Canadian Thumbs is a gateway of casual discussions on gaming and entertainment. 3CT Discord: tinyurl.com/3ctdiscord – All Episodes at: jaymietoodee.com

Our conversations in this episode:
Video gaming, Pierre taki, denki groove, justice, kenishin, cocaine, yoko kanno, shrill, body positivity, lgbtq, ronaldo, pen15, #metoo, the problem with apu, the simpsons, eric André, twilight zone, us, Jordan Peele, Kony, Keiichi Okabe, Hereditary, The thing about the Johnsons, black mirror, marvel cinematic universe, Shazam, Gris, Hitman, Yakuza, Doctor Octopus, Sekiro shadows die twice, the glass staircase, rule of rose, puppet combo, yoshi’s crafted worlds, dark souls, ninja gaiden black sigma, risk of rain 2, ladykiller in a bind, dream daddy, oculus go, ping pong the animation, voltron, she-ra, ultraman, brightburn, love death plus robots, hip hop evolution, the friends of ringo ishikawa, big Joel, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, Anthem, Kotaku, Jason Schreier, GDC awards, Mother 3, high score boy, Risk of rain 2, hypnospace outlaw, type dreams, penguin highway,