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3 Canadian Thumbs – Episode 01 – Dennis the Phantom Menace

Featuring Jaymie, Pierre and Rida – 3 Canadian Thumbs is a gateway of casual discussions on gaming. Listen to us jibber jabber and ramble about the latest news for the PS4, Xbox, PC games, Nintendo Switch and everything else that entertains us!

Our conversations in this episode:
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2D BS News with Jaymie TooDee – Episode 02 – Superbowl & Nickelback!

Parody of a news show. Absurd humor. Non sequitur. Vulgar. Sentences with no verbs. WTF is going on here? LOW BUDGET! CHILDREN STAY AWAY.
Watch and please be offended! OBEY JAYMIETOODEE.COM

Drawings by Mmystery – Pascale L.-M. http://mmystery.deviantart.com/