2D BS News with Jaymie TooDee – Episode 02 – Superbowl & Nickelback!

Parody of a news show. Absurd humor. Non sequitur. Vulgar. Sentences with no verbs. WTF is going on here? LOW BUDGET! CHILDREN STAY AWAY.
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Drawings by Mmystery – Pascale L.-M. http://mmystery.deviantart.com/

Rocks Rock

It must be awesome to be a rock because you just live there, nude, you don’t sleep and you’re just enjoying the view. You’re in your own bed of geodude-looking rocks and you don’t get to eat, right? So you wanna cry, right? But you can’t fuck either ’cause you’re a fucking rock. Still, we feel no pain. That why rocks rock. Case closed.

-Brock Gunderson… not! It’s me.

Eating pizza in space

Captains log. I am staring at the absolute abyss. There is absolutely nothing I can do in front of the terror that is life. Every single day I try to cope with the fact that most of the people that I see around me or absolute morons. I salute my stereotypical stupid trendy preppy artificial hypocritical racist selfish dishonorable douchebag muggles. But the moment that a slice of pizza touches the tip of my tongue, I forget all about it for one fleeting moment of tantalizing ooh la laa.

Flaming Ballsack

The first thing my friend did when he realized that he can design his own spaceship in a video game, the first idea that came into his  mind was to build a giant flaming ballsack with “SEX” written in big, blocky letters. That’s the kind of world we live in, folks! Sometimes it’s not so bad!